Maureen Hunter: Speaker Bio

Disrupting the Expert Model: Using Experience as a Way to Connect with Others  

Maureen Hunter, Ph.D. is an organizational psychologist with a passion for fostering people-worthy organizations. Her work has encompassed leadership & management development, diversity & inclusion, employee experience, and organizational effectiveness. The industries she has served include high tech, financial services, healthcare, utilities, and telecom.

The Expert Model places the responsibility for deciding a course of action on the one with the expertise. An experience-based model starts with different assumptions:

  • The solution resides within the team so the challenge is to help this to surface,
  • There are healthy aspects of the team that will support this process, and
  • What you are experiencing while working with the team generates information that is useful and to ignore it can be damaging.

During this time we will:

  • Explore the benefits of an experience-based model, 
  • Learn energy-tracking and body-scanning as two tools of the experience-based approach, and
  • Discuss best practices for applying this approach.