Writer's Conference Preview

Take a look at a compilation of snippets from our conference speakers.

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Conference Lectures

Introduction (Kimberly Greene-Liebowitz, MD)

"The Nonfiction Book Proposal and Query Letter Demystified" (Carolyn Roy-Bornstein, MD)

"Self-Publishing Children's Books" (Carrie Sharkey Asner, MD)

"Growing Your Newsletter Subscribers" (Christina Bellinger, MD)

"How to Get an Op-Ed Published" (Mimi Zieman, MD)

"Melding the Creative Arts with Medicine " (Claire Unis, MD)

"Crafting A Medical Thriller Even When Your Medical Specialty Isn’t Considered ‘Thrilling’" (Joel Shulkin, MD)

"Character Development for Novelists" (Madi Sinha, MD)

"Medical Writing As a Part-Time, Full-Time, or Just-For-Fun Career Option" (Morgan Leafe, MD)

"The Secrets of Being a Better Storyteller" (Professor Rich Krevolin)

 "How Social Media Can Help You Become A More Successful Author" (Dana Corriel, MD)

"Understanding Self, Hybrid, And Traditional Publishing" (a panel discussion with moderator Rachel Kowalsy, MD, Reyna Gentin, Jackie Friedland, Jill Grimes, MD, Kim Greene-Liebowitz, MD, Debra Blaine)

"Marketing Yourself as Health and Medical Expert to Earn Money as a Freelancer" (John Riddle)

"Facts and Fiction About Self-Publishing, and How to DIY" (Debra Blaine, MD)

"Writing to Market to Reach Your Ideal Readers" (Quinn Brooks-Ward)

"Kindle Vella: Getting Started in Three Easy Steps" (Maria Simbra Burket, MD)

Book Publicity Hour: Attendees Show Up with Their Own Published Books & Advice (Dana Corriel, MD) 

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Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, are indie or traditionally published, you need to grow your newsletter following. Christina Bellinger, MD (pen name CB Samet) will teach you how.

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Medical Writing As A Part-Time, Full-Time, Or Just-For-Fun Career Option

Morgan Leafe, MD, MHA helps healthcare professionals understand the various fields of medical writing and the types of work they involve.

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The Secrets Of Being A Better Storyteller

Professor Richard Krevolin firmly believes that the secret to good communication is storytelling. This seminar will explore all the secrets to making you a better storyteller.

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Facts And Fiction About Self-Publishing, And How To DIY

The self-publishing process revealed in easy steps: how to create a high-quality book and optimize your monetization. Presented by Debra E. Blaine, MD, CMT.

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Learn what an Op-Ed is and how to successfully place one from a physician-writer with five Op-Eds published. Receive pitching tips to get published.

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Character Development For Novelists

Madi Sinha, MD will be lecturing on character development for novelists, covering the creation of a story-worthy hero, and more.

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Writing To Market To Reach Your Ideal Readers

Writing-to-market makes many authors bristle. In this presentation, Quinn Brooks-Ward will teach you how to find the sweet spot between your passion and what readers want.

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How Social Media Can Help You Become A More Successful Author

Dana Corriel, MD teaches why & how leveraging social media can make you a more successful author.

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The Nonfiction Book Proposal And Query Letter Demystified

Carolyn Roy-Bornstein MD FAAP teaches professionals with either great idea for a non fiction book or completed manuscript.

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Crafting A Medical Thriller Even When Your Medical Specialty Isn’t Considered ‘Thrilling’

Board-certified developmental-behavioral pediatrician and author of multiple medical thrillers Joel Shulkin, MD teaches about crafting a knockout medical thriller.

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Kindle Vella: Getting Started In Three Easy Steps

In three easy steps, learn how to use the new serial platform, Kindle Vella. Publish your book as you write it! Earn as you write!

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Melding The Creative Arts With Medicine

Claire Unis MD MFA teaches why narrative medicine offers a powerful tool to reacquaint clinicians with meaningful medical practice by honing our ability to recognize, absorb, interpret, and be moved by stories.

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Self-Publishing Children’s Picture Books

Carrie Sharkey Asner, MD, FAAFP takes you through the unique properties of children’s picture books; including writing, editing, illustrations, self-publishing, and marketing.

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Marketing Yourself as a Health and Medical Expert to Earn Money as a Freelancer

John Riddle teaches you how to make money as a freelancer writing health articles, books, white papers, speeches and patient information content. Lots of opportunities are out there!

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Which Publishing Option Is For You?

Rachel Kowalsky, MD (Moderator)

Author, "What We bring to the Practice of Medicine"

Jacqueline Friedland

USA Today And Amazon Bestselling Author Of Multiple Historical And Contemporary Fiction Novels

Author, "What We Bring To The Practice Of Medicine"

Debra Blaine, MD

Self-Published Author, Book: Code Blue, Undue Influences, and Beyond The Pillars Of Salt

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Meet the Co-Chair

Kimberly Greene-Liebowitz, MD, MPH is a board-certified emergency physician who has worked in hospitals and urgent care centers throughout metropolitan New York. In the past few years, she has segued to writing, editing and advocacy. She earned her medical degree at Temple University School of Medicine and completed her training at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Prior to her career in clinical medicine, Greene-Liebowitz earned a Master of Public Health in epidemiology at The George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts in biology/biochemistry at Cornell University. She has worked with major healthcare consulting, pharmaceutical and public health organizations, which has given her a broad view of healthcare and the ability to see how its facets interconnect. She is a critical thinker and consults original sources and research to inform her decisions.

Greene-Liebowitz is the co-editor of What We Bring to the Practice of Medicine: Perspectives from Women Physicians (April 2023), and is the author of the introduction and several essays within the book. She authored a chapter in The Hidden Epidemic: Confronting Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Her work has been published on multiple local and national websites. Currently, she is working on a kosher, gluten-free cookbook and two fictional novels (middle grade and adult).

Meet the Co-Chair

Debra Blaine, MD, CMT is a physician turned full-time writer. She’s penned multiple award-winning novels, coached authors (and burned-out docs) as a Certified Master Trainer Coach, and has found her joy as a freelance writer for pets. Learning to self-publish was a turning point in her writing career.

After 33 years of medical practice, she understands what it takes to shift the needle and forge a whole new identity. She’s always happy to talk to novelists and disenchanted physicians. Life is too short to slog away in misery 8 – 12 hours a day.

Meet the Organizer

Dana Corriel, MD A board-certified internist who decided to shift gears mid-career to become a digital healthcare expert and entrepreneur. Dr. Corriel founded SoMeDocs to empower doctors, and promote their autonomy, by helping them build accounts online that help establish their authority as the experts in health. Dr. Corriel now works as a freelance consultant to both professionals and large companies, strategizing on growth and building unique digital content and pathways for businesses and brands that want to stand out.

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