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Autoimmune disease is a quiet epidemic that is making life challenging for hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and we all know as clinicians how challenging it can be to treat. Unlike our experience with Covid-19, autoimmunity has insidiously expanded to huge levels without attracting too much attention. Just in the past decade, some autoimmune diseases have increased by 300%. Others have risen up to 5000% in the past few decades.

In fact, one in six Americans suffers from some form of autoimmune condition. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are struggling with autoimmunity. The prevalence and cost of autoimmune disease is greater than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes – combined. Treatment with lasting results can be hard to find with conventional medical approaches alone, but Integrative Medicine has a lot to offer in these cases.

Learning objectives:

  • Get an introduction to Dr. Akil’s new evidence-based 5-step TIGER protocol.
  • Discover how to use foods, spices, supplements, and lifestyle to balance the immune system.
  • Learn how to support gut health and the microbiome with healthy prebiotic and fermented foods.
  • Gain clinical insights from case presentations of successfully treated patients.

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