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Low back pain and joint pain are among the top causes of disability in the United States. This lecture reveals proven techniques to prevent and reduce orthopaedic pain that otherwise limits function, lowers quality of life, and may lead to ongoing opioid or anti-inflammatory medication use. There is abundant data that lifestyle changes (such as in diet, exercise, sleep) and integrative methods (such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, acupuncture) alleviate musculoskeletal pain as part of a multi-modal pain management approach. Unfortunately, these methods are not routinely taught in medical training programs and there is a knowledge gap in why these approaches work and how to implement them.

This lecture will demonstrate how lifestyle and integrative treatments enhance traditional treatments. This comprehensive approach empowers patients and healthcare professionals with a non-narcotic, evidence-based path to reduce pain, improve function, and increase quality of life. This lecture will highlight these options, share the evidence behind them, and offer realistic ways to implement them.

The approach is based on my novel Relief-5R program, written about in the book, The Pain Solution, and used daily in the Orthopaedic Integrative Health Center at Rothman Orthopaedics. You are invited to learn how to live better with less pain, less dysfunction, and a better quality of life for yourself and your loved ones or patients!

Target Audience: 

General Audience and Healthcare Professionals

Learning Objectives:

  • Review how lifestyle and integrative factors impact inflammation, stress, and pain
  • Synthesize these factors to develop a lifestyle and integrative approach for low back and joint pain
  • Learn the practical Relief-5R framework
  • Develop simple steps, called “microboosts,” to live better with less pain, less inflammation, and more joy

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